Ian Wilson in brief

I live in Bristol, and I am married to Linda. We have two adult children, Laura and Nick, and  three grandchildren, Staley, Isaac and Bonnie. I have recently retired from HMRC where I had been working since 1981.

So what will I do now?

I am a trustee of a charity called The Bridge Trust Ltd. Find out more about us here. I am aiming to spend more time on my photography, and reading some the books I have bought and not yet got round to.

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  1. Dea Ian,
    I found your solution to a Word problem (removing tabs, Shift+Enter) that had been driving me crazy. Finally, I found your solution at Windows Secrets. I am a copy editor and had tried to remove tabs using every trick in the book but to no avail. I wanted to thank for your help in saving me tons of time and energy (was about to remove over 3,800 tabs manually. Now they’re gone in one universal find and replace! I like your site and assume you’re a birder. So am I. I reside near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Great birding here. What species are the ducks you photographed for your homepage? Old World, I guess.

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